YouTuber earns Rs 7.5 crore a month chewing food on camera, watching it will make you ‘chill out’


Naomi McRae, owner of YouTube channel HunniBee

Strong points

  • Naomi’s popularity on YouTube is huge and her videos are going viral with many comments and shares
  • She eats food on camera and creates ASMR content for her followers
  • Her videos have sweet eating sounds that she says help people ‘chill out’

YouTube made Naomi McRae, a Canadian vlogger, a millionaire. According to reports, Naomi, who runs the HunniBee channel, earns Rs 7.5 crore and more in a month by sharing her food tasting videos. She creates ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) content. She eats items such as edible hairbrushes, bottles of champagne, macaroons, chocolate bars, and other things on her channel. She has 7.7 million subscribers on her YouTube channel HunniBee and her videos are going viral with over 20 million views on some of them.

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What is ASMR?

According to, ASMR is the term for the sensation people get when watching stimulating videos or participating in other activities, usually those that involve personal attention. Many people describe the sensation as “tingling” that travels up the back of someone’s head and spine. Others say the sensation is deeply relaxing and can even put them to sleep.

Naomi’s videos

In Naomi’s videos, one can hear and experience food sounds, such as crackling, soft biting sounds, among others. Her videos are inundated with comments and she also has many fan pages on Instagram where clips from her longer YouTube videos can be viewed.

How Naomi started her career on YouTube?

Naomi came across videos of Gentle Whispering, one of the first ASMR content creators, when she was 16. behind my back,” she told the Mirror. She’s been addicted to ASMR content ever since.

How does Naomi describe what she does for a living?

His channel description reads: This is an ASMR channel, which will hopefully help you fall asleep or just relax. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response which can feel like a tingling sensation on the skin that usually starts at the scalp and runs down the back of the neck and up the spine. But if anyone had ever played with your hair or drawn on your back, which I’m sure you would have felt that way! So my goal on this channel is to give you those brain tingles and help you sleep.


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