YouTube sensation Casey Neistat launches a movie masterclass


Casey Neistat, filmmaker sensation, YouTuber and creator of the “daily vlog” yesterday hit the download button for the first time in 6 months to tell his audience, and the world, that he was working on a masterclass with a Monthly online course to teach those who sign up for $249 the thought process behind his filmmaking and how to make it in the industry as a content creator today.

Who is Casey Neistat?

Casey Owen Neistat is an American YouTube personality, filmmaker, vlogger and was co-founder of multimedia company Beme, which was later acquired by CNN.

Casey first gained attention on YouTube in 2003 with his film “iPod’s Dirty Secret” which gained him international exposure for criticizing tech giant Apple for not having a battery replacement program for its range of iPods at the time. Due to the popularity of this movie, Apple announced a battery replacement policy on November 14, 2003, and also announced an iPod extended warranty program on November 21, 2003.

The film was released on the Internet on September 20, 2003 and quickly gained media attention. The film was even hailed by the Washington Post as “wonderfully renegade” and has been viewed on YouTube over 2 million times.

In recent years, Neistat started posting daily vlogs on YouTube from March 2015 showcasing his life, successes and failures. Casey’s most popular videos include “Make It Count” and snowboarding in the streets of New York during the January 2016 US blizzard. The two have gained traction over the years and have recorded over 31 million and 22 million respectively. million views on YouTube to date.

Casey now has over 12 million subscribers on YouTube and his latest video on his online course has had over 500,000 views, 46,000 likes and currently ranks at number 20 on YouTube’s trending list in less than 24 time.

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