Will Leica make a medium format mirrorless camera?


These eagle-eyed people at Leica Rumors spotted something in the main presentation for the Leica M11. It’s a scene in a Leica design office with a row of model cameras on a bench – and one of them, says Leica Rumors, looks like a medium-format mirrorless.

We’re not so sure. To us the body looks bigger but the sensor looks like a normal full frame. To be fair, either possibility is intriguing. If Leica makes a medium format mirrorless camera, it could spell the end of the large and expensive Leica S3 medium format DSLR, which is gorgeous, but with only 64MP and a $20,000 price tag, it looks like this camera once innovative photo is now something. far behind the curve.

If it’s a mockup of a larger full-frame camera, that’s also intriguing. Will Leica make a super-fast sports camera in the same style as the Nikon Z9 or Canon EOS R3?

Given Leica’s long association with Panasonic, we’re not so sure. Panasonic doesn’t have a camera like this in its range, so pretty much all that’s left for a new full-frame model is a ‘cinema’ Leica SL2 based on the Lumix S1H.

Wouldn’t that have already happened? Not necessarily. The 24MP Leica SL2-S arrived a considerable time after the Lumix S1 which we believe it’s based on.

The Leica S3 is a beautiful beast, but is mirrorless the future of medium format? (Image credit: future)

So back to a medium format mirrorless camera. It seems to us that for this to work commercially and technically, Leica would need one of Sony’s medium format sensors, notably the 100MP sensor in the Fujifilm GFX 100S.

And why not? The assumption is that the new Leica M11 60MP uses the Sony sensor that features in the A7R IV (we don’t know if that’s true).


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