What type of camera does Emma Chamberlain use for her videos?


Emma Chamberlain has changed her camera since her worldwide recognition as a YouTuber, and below we will share a list of her cameras.


Emma Chamberlain is a YouTube sensation who has become a Hollywood star in her own right. However, her 1.65 million YouTube subscribers are still waiting for the influencer, model and businesswoman to return after her indefinite absence from the platform.

As a pioneer in the YouTube community, many subscribers and budding YouTubers wonder what kind of cameras she uses on her channel. Chamberlain is said to have used three cameras throughout his YouTube career, namely the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark ll, the Canon EOS M50 Mark ll and the Contax T2 film camera.

Why is Emma Chamberlain so famous?

Emma Chamberlain is currently a top Hollywood star, but in 2016 when she launched her YouTube channel, she was just another teenager looking to make a name for herself in the growing landscape of YouTube content creators.

She started out creating beauty content, which didn’t get her channel the attention she wanted. In 2017, she struck gold when she released her video Trial thrift store, showcasing items she’s saved for less than $20.

Finding her niche, Chamberlain grew her channel, creating a unique style of filming and editing that is now considered the norm in vlogging.

This is achieved by her ability to zoom in on her imperfections, showing that she isn’t perfect and doesn’t wear makeup, which makes her more approachable.

What type of camera does Emma Chamberlain use for her videos?

Emma Chamberlain last posted on YouTube in December 2021. In one of the episodes of his podcast, everything is finethe YouTube sensation addressed the issue of his indefinite hiatus from YouTube, detailing a number of reasons.

She pointed out the unrealistic pressure of uploading content 365 days a year or working on content that frequently.

Chamberlain then added that due to the pressure of posting weekly vlogs, she felt some of her new videos were rushed and didn’t have the same quality as her old videos.

Finally, she addressed the mental health pressures of being on YouTube, saying, “After taking a step back from YouTube, I’m in a better mental state than I’ve been in the past four years. .”

Although Chamberlain is on hiatus from YouTube, she has six years of videos under her belt, where she used three main cameras to film her content.

Each camera used marked his continued success on the platform or helped create his unique style of vlogging.

When Emma Chamberlain started on YouTube, she was using the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark ll.

Since most of its content was vlogging content, the camera was ideal and is widely regarded as one of the best vlogging cameras on the market.

The camera is sold on its own, but Canon has also sought to make it the go-to camera for content creators as they have created a content creation kit with the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark ll being one of their popular and more affordable (in context) content creator kit bags.

What camera does Emma Chamberlain use for vlogging videos?

Following her popularity on YouTube, Chamberlain switched from the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark ll to the Canon EOS M50 Mark ll.

The camera might be relatively affordable compared to more premium cameras, but you couldn’t tell when looking at the quality of the footage, which can be recorded in 4K UHD quality at 24 fps.

This camera is not only ideal for creating vlogs, but also for recording footage of similar content for other social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, which sometimes require vertically shot footage.

The camera is portable and lightweight, and it can also come with a bespoke content creation kit.

Does Emma Chamberlain have a film camera?

While most content creators prefer to film digitally, there are still YouTubers who incorporate filmed footage into their digital content.

This is because images shot on film have a different texture, tone and overall feel than digital images. Emma Chamberlain is a content creator who always incorporates filmed footage into her videos and social media posts.

The camera she uses is the Contax T2 film camera, which at the time of its release in 1990 was considered top of the line. As such, the cost of the retro film camera has since increased, as the model has been discontinued and is now rarer.

Final Thoughts

Emma Chamberlain made a name for herself as a YouTube sensation by creating relatable content that portrayed the then 16-year-old as awkward, flawed and relatable.

Chamberlain pioneered the jarring “zoom in on your imperfections” style of editing that has become the norm on the platform these days.

Throughout her six-year journey on YouTube, she has used a number of cameras to create her content. These cameras are the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark ll, the Canon EOS M50 Mark ll and the Contax T2 film camera.


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