Vlogging their way to success


Something invariably seems common to all Punjabi YouTube stars. Whether it’s agricultural, heritage, historical, folkloric or anecdote stories, most of their videos reflect today’s nostalgic way of life. Besides food and humor, it is swords and guns, cars and tractors, birds, dogs and horses that command their obsession. The videos are mostly filled with not only local but also national and global advertisements. Although these vloggers don’t have degrees in journalism and mass communication, they credit the internet for their training.

Harbhej Sidhu, 31, is one such two-year-old YouTuber. For him, the first lockdown was a blessing in disguise as he got the opportunity to redraw his career map using his cell phone camera. The Punjabi graduate, armed with a BEd in history, learned video editing on YouTube by night and by day taught history to students at a private school in the village of Moga online. A few days later, armed with a mobile phone, a well-researched script and raw passion, Sidhu went on to shoot a video of the local fort in his hometown, Ludhiana, named after Emperor Sikandar Lodhi. .


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