vivo camera technology improves mobile photography, videography


Change is the only constant in life, and the smartphone industry is no exception. With each passing day, we are witnessing groundbreaking innovations in smartphones that are worth watching in modern times.

vivo, the world’s leading smartphone brand, has long been seen as a pioneer in the mobile technology revolution. Thanks to vivo’s cutting-edge technologies, users can now capture studio-quality images directly from their smartphones.

Here are some of the most significant improvements that vivo brings to smartphones in 2021:

Gimbal technology and collaboration with ZEISS

Designed in collaboration with ZEISS, a global leader in optics and optoelectronics, Gimbal camera technology has been engineered for maximum stabilization to enhance the mobile photography experience. It offers better overall light detection performance, improves low-light shooting effect, and enables faster and more precise focusing with large sensors to produce enhanced and crisp Ultra-HD photographs.

ZEISS T * coating

Vivo’s premium line flagship has certified ZEISS T * anti-reflective coatings for compliance, which improves visible light transmission, reduces glare, improves image quality and accurately reproduces the colors of objects . It reduces unwanted effects such as stray light, strange reflections and other image artifacts and greatly improves image quality as well as light transmission.

Automatic eye focus

The advanced feature introduced in vivo solved the problem and blurry pictures videos and trembling caused by unstable movements of the camera. Eye Autofocus intelligently capture the most intrinsic details of the framework and keeps the focus of the camera to capture seamlessly times, even moving. The front camera with autofocus capability (AF) is a zenith in photography.

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)

Vivo’s OIS front camera technology marks a radical step in setting the standard for future smartphone front cameras. OIS creates a software-hardware synergy, which provides ultra-stabilization capabilities in handheld and animated shots. OIS is a great technology that can detect the movement of the phone and automatically adjust the camera to improve the quality of the photo, providing an exceptional overall photographic experience.

Pop-up and double pop-up camera

vivo was the first to introduce the pop-up camera to the market and other brands have started to follow suit. The vivo engineering team studied various positions and mechanisms for the pop-up camera to create a truly practical, functional and durable camera.

Spotlight on selfies

The dual LED spotlight under the front panel instantly increases the light source effortlessly. It is tailor-made to ensure a powerful selfie game in all lighting conditions. vivo has innovatively added two OLED projectors under the front panel of its handsets, which can be turned on when taking photos and recording videos to achieve professional photography studio lighting with ultra-clear selfies even the night.

Dual view video

In this feature, before the camera and the rear camera has been designed to work together in real time. Users can record the background and themselves at the same time with one click. This is a boon for creative professionals, the vloggers and live streamers, read a press release.



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