TikTok Star Tayler Holder Addresses ‘Fabricated Rumors’ and Charly Jordan Split in Open Letter | Tayler Holder, TikTok


Taylor Holder Take the speech.

Earlier this year there was speculation that allegations would surface against the 24-year-old ICT Tac star. Around the same time, top influencers like Bryce Room and Loren Gray didn’t follow through, prompting some fans to wonder if the rumors were credible.

taylor first addressed the situation during an episode of Barstool Sports’ best friends podcast in February, with the host Dave Portnoy asking him directly if he expected to face sexual misconduct allegations.

“If it’s something this bad and so serious, I’ve dealt with people who have been through things like this and it’s something I don’t take lightly,” taylor answered. “That’s something I personally don’t agree with. If that’s anything like this, I don’t know why everyone is running around the internet. I think it should definitely be something that is handled legally offline and very professionally.

He further expanded on the rumored allegations in an open letter written to E ! Newwhich was released Friday, April 22.

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“To my fans, listeners, haters, supporters and everyone else”, taylor began. “I’m writing this letter today because I recently suffered some scrapes and bruises that really taught me some great lessons and really made me look at life from a different perspective.”

He called the past year “one of the most difficult years” of his life, adding that it had taken a toll on his mental health.

“I went through a very difficult breakup with someone I cared about – and I continue to care deeply about him,” he said, referring to his split from Charlie Jordan. “Because we both lead public lives, the scrutiny of the breakup made things harder than they should have been and I did everything in my power to protect our respective private lives. Unfortunately, this was not respected.

taylor went on to say that he was hit with a “series of fabricated rumours, which can only be described as cyberbullying” that contributed to his “cancellation”.

“This online harassment has had a serious impact on my mental health, and these false accusations have cost me dearly professionally. whatever specific I could answer, I felt like I was fighting a silent aggressor. It led me to look at myself carefully, process my feelings and develop the tools to deal with the negative effects that the internet can bring “, he continued.

“A lot of people confuse this industry with what it really is. People don’t understand the responsibilities and the pressures that come with it,” taylor added. “Unfortunately, in today’s world, people tend to ignore the truth and instead choose to focus on the drama, no matter how inaccurate. Negativity over positivity tends to generate more buzz. how people perceive your status and the expectations they place on them, however unfair, creates higher standards that make it difficult to thrive as a person.

The social media star concluded his letter by writing that music had become his “personal therapy” and acted as a creative outlet for him to channel his emotions, adding that he hopes his new song “Human” will also help his fans.

In other TikTok news, it was recently announced that the app will be testing new features for users.


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