This rugged smartphone has a rear display + camera sensor like a DSLR to be the next big thing for vloggers


NT Industrial Design Studio has surprised us all these years with passionate designs that are made to the millimeter. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Portuguese designer Nuno Teixeira, we get a new perspective on objects and functionality that is just right. Nuno’s latest concept takes smartphone functionality to new heights – virtually turning your BFF gadget into a vlogging, video shooting and photography companion.

The designer calls it THEIA Imaging Smartphone Concept, and it instantly gives off that special vibe that dominates the camera. Looking more like a typical handheld game console of yesteryear – the ones that played 2D games in monochrome colors – the concept looks like any other smartphone beforehand. But on the back, it has a completely alien design to meet the needs of high-end video shooting and shooting. It even has a small screen on the back specifically in place for creating vlogging content. There’s a vertically aligned screen right next to a 50 MP 1 / 1.12 ″ camera sensor (comparable to a 28mm / f1.8 DSLR lens) to make it super easy for people who take a lot of video. /Pictures. Such a good sensor means low light photography is a step up from the flagship products on the market. The rugged-looking phone has a teardrop-shaped camera for selfies, which is a bit old school for 2021, as hole-in-the-wall cameras are the norm right now.

The textured surface on the lower half of the gadget provides superior grip for stable footage – and yes, it can shoot underwater as well, thanks to the IPX8 rating for dust and water resistance. Theia also has dedicated triggers on either side of the surface for ergonomic comfort of use. The flagship Snapdragon 888 processor powers the guts of the device which takes care of all the image processing and sophisticated technology to make the most of the powerful rear camera sensor. The phone also has a full range of built-in unidirectional microphones and a 3.5 mic input.

On the software side, the camera refines several color filters, 4K slow motion at 120 fps and 5-axis image stabilization. The latter promises excellent shooting quality in the most unstable shooting environments – for example, when running on rocky mountain terrain or during action sports. To make sure you never run out of ports to plug in, the vlogging-centric phone has 3 USB-C ports (two on the sides and one on the bottom) and an accessible micro-SD slot.

Designer: NT Industrial Design Studio


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