This Miniature V8 Engine Block Pen Holder is the ultimate tabletop accessory for any car enthusiast.


With detailing so intricate you’d think it was pulled from a car, Grant Takara’s Machined Aluminum V8 Engine Block Pen Holder is a great tabletop conversation starter if you’re a true gearhead!

The all-metal engine block comes with 8 cylinders machined to be wide enough to hold 8 pens or pencils, and each cylinder is additionally fitted with a rubber O-ring for a snug fit that holds your writing instrument without scratching or scratching. cause damage. this. Plus, the relatively well-weighted machined aluminum block even doubles as a pretty cool paperweight, complete with rubber feet so your engine block doesn’t end up denting or tearing your important papers. Is it too aesthetic to be considered a functional product? Probably… Is it still an insanely cool device that a car enthusiast would almost certainly consider owning just for the novelty value? Verry much !

Designate: Grant Takara

The Miniature V8 Engine Block Pen Holder is loosely based on the LS3, a small engine block made by General Motors and often found in Chevrolet cars (it was introduced in 2008 in the base model Corvette). The entire scaled-down replica measures 3.7 inches in length, 3.1 inches in width, and 2.3 inches in height, and comes with machined details, including bolt holes for the cylinders, bores for the intake/exhaust, cam rod bores, and crankshaft cavity.

Designed by fellow car enthusiast Grant Takara, the V8 Engine Block Pen Holder was made in his own design shop on his 5-axis Hurco VM10Ui CNC machine. The entire V8 block is made from a single billet of aluminum and comes with 3 different o-ring sizes that fit anywhere from a regular pen to a sketch pen and even a thick marker. Obviously, the design itself is open to modularity, and Grant can easily build a V6 or V12 if he chooses. I wouldn’t mind a sharpener built into the crankshaft hole, personally!


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