The $50 drone with camera can be controlled by gestures or even your voice


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Remember when camera drones on Amazon became so popular so quickly? Then people said they were done once the hype inevitably died down?

Well, there is currently a serious resurgence in the quadcopter drone market.

Today’s best deals

Drones were so popular for a few years when they first hit the scene. But then consumer interest died down because it all happened so fast. Now, however, it seems like everyone wants a new drone. This is especially true now that the beautiful fall weather has arrived.

If you’re looking for something fun to keep you or your kids busy outdoors, check out this model. It’s called the Holy Stone HS340 Mini Camera Drone and you can control it with gestures or just your voice!

A great drone with camera on Amazon

It is obviously quite important to spend time outdoors. But it’s especially crucial right now. After all, we are still living with a global pandemic caused by airborne disease. As we have been told many times by health experts, it mainly spreads indoors.

There are countless activities you and your children can do outside. That being said, few things are as fun as flying a super camera drone. Now you have a great opportunity to save a few extra bucks on a model our readers love.

Camera Drone on Amazon

Camera Drone on Amazon

The Holy Stone HS340 mini camera drone has all the main features you would expect from a recreational quadcopter. It also has a superb 110° wide-angle camera that sends beautiful, clear HD video to your smartphone as you fly.

On top of all that, there are a few extra features you don’t often find on affordable drones like this. For example, you can take selfies with a simple gesture so the controller doesn’t need to be in the photo.

We love this feature, but there’s another one that’s even better. Perhaps the coolest feature of this drone might be the support for voice control, which lets you do things like take off and land using just your voice. You can even steer it with your voice by saying things like “forward” or “left.” How cool is that?!

When BGR Deals covered this popular drone just over a month ago, it sold out after a few days because our readers pounced on it. Now, a discount and an additional clip-on coupon combine to bring the price down to just $49.99. That’s a great price for one of the coolest camera drones on Amazon!

Holy Stone HS340 Camera Drone Highlights

The Holy Stone HS340 Mini Camera Drone is one of the best camera drone deals on Amazon. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • This drone captures stunning HD video and includes a 100-degree wide-angle lens

  • Record videos while you fly or stream real-time aerial footage to your smartphone with the live stream feature

  • Signal works up to 80 meters away, or 262.5 feet

  • 20 minutes flight time per charge

  • Compact design is ideal for indoor and outdoor flight

  • Gesture control makes it easy to capture hands-free selfies

  • Draw a path on your smartphone screen and the drone will automatically fly along the path

  • Additional features include Altitude hold, optical flow, headless mode, one-key take-off and landing and speed adjustment

  • Voice control lets you perform common functions with nothing but your voice

Also save on the upgraded model

In addition to the HS340 deal going on right now, there’s another sale you should see.

Drone with foldable camera Holy Stone HS440

Drone with foldable camera Holy Stone HS440

The Holy Stone HS440 Foldable Camera Drone is a great upgrade in many ways. It has longer battery life, a 1080p Full HD camera, and more. It also has all the features that make the HS340 great. Plus, it comes with a free carrying case.

Holy Stone’s upgraded HS440 model sells for $110. At this price, it’s already a bargain compared to other similar models. But if you buy this popular camera drone now on Amazon, you’ll only pay $84.99.

This is the best price we’ve seen for this well-reviewed quadcopter.

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