Sony has resumed production of the A6400 APS-C mirrorless camera, but the A7 II and A6100 are likely discontinued


Could supply chain problems be coming to an end? Well, we’ll have to see about that, but for now at least Sony has announced that it’s able to resume production of the Sony A6400 APS-C mirrorless camera from 2019. Sales of the model have were originally suspended in November 2021 due to continued silicone shortages and supply chain issues. Now, however, he seems to be back. At least at the Sony Store, with regular retailers coming soon.

The statement from Sony Japan indicates that they are now accepting orders from distributors as well as Sony store customers for the A6400. And while distributors can order, they haven’t yet said when those distributors will receive them and when we’ll be able to order again from our favorite local (or online) camera stores. It also looks like the A7 II and A6100 might not come back at all.

Sony’s announcement states that “after May 27, 2022, we will resume orders from our distributors and orders from our customers in the Sony store” and it doesn’t say much beyond that about the A6400 . The fact that they feel confident enough to take over at all is a good sign. At this time, the Sony A6400 case only and its various kit forms are still listed as “out of stock” or “temporarily out of stock” at many retailers. Hopefully it won’t be too long to wait for them to get back into retailer hands.

Production of the A6400 ended with the Sony A7 II and A6100 cases. So far, only the A6400 has been announced as being back in production. I think it’s more than likely that we’ll never see the other two return. I don’t think we’d miss them too much if that happened, though.

At the end of 2021, the company announced that “there is no prospect of future parts supply” for the Sony A7 II or A6100 and that “2021 production will end on December 23”. The A7 II was probably about to be retired anyway, given the release of the A7 IV. With apparent difficulties in obtaining A6100 parts, we might be waiting for its replacement model rather than its reintroduction. They’re also no longer listed on suspended product lists, which strongly suggests they won’t be coming back.

Sony also stopped accepting orders for the ZV-E10, A6600 and A7C at the same time as they announced the end of production of the A7 II and A6100. While B&H and other retailers list the cameras as always out of stock, there appear to be a few A7Cs available on Amazon – and they’re actually sold by Amazon, not a third-party seller. It is not yet known when these models will officially be able to return to production.


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