Sculpt Success Through Your Camera Lens


Don’t wear the camera on your head and record all your video that way.

Your viewers may feel nauseous and even end up vomiting because the first-person perspective of your video can cause motion sickness.

And you could become a happy millionaire – doing what you love and sharing it with the world – with this and thousands of other tips and strategies, thanks to how the world is crying out for over-the-top digital content ( OTT).

It is true that many people make a net profit from sharing videos of what they love to do on OTT platforms such as YouTube, said UOW Malaysia KDU Deputy Director of the School of Creative Media, the associate professor Julian Lee (李荣鑫).

From cooking and gardening to fishing and even how to fix things around the house, these videos can rack up millions of views and reward those who make them with thousands of US dollars in ad revenue.

Those who take it to the next level: planning the script and storyboard and even building a production team – can earn millions.

Professor Assoc Lee said anyone with a passion for being a vlogger (suitcase for “video blogger”) will tackle with flying colors the UOW Malaysia KDU’s Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Digital Media Production.

“If you love creating content, you’ll love this course.”

Simply put, Professor Assoc Lee said those who pursue this degree will gain the skills and abilities to direct entire films or TV series.

“We even show them how to pitch their scripts to talent agencies to land multi-million dollar production deals,” he added.

Take Netflix, for example, an OTT platform that delivers on-demand shows over the internet that generated $29.7 billion in revenue last year.

“Netflix has a huge network of talent agencies looking for great scripts.

“These talent agencies get hundreds and hundreds of pitches a day. It won’t be easy to get their attention. But the course will prepare you for that pitch,” said Professor Assoc Lee.

This is exactly how, he said, Squid Game managed to become a worldwide phenomenon.

“After a talent agency took over for Squid Game, the production team received around $1.2 million per episode and eventually got $20 million from Netflix.

“Netflix, in turn, made hundreds of millions out of it,” said Professor Assoc Lee.

The good news is that creative Malaysians have a chance to get their movie ideas on Netflix, one of the latest being Ghost Bride.

It is a Taiwanese-Malaysian effort that became a Netflix Original TV series.

It was co-directed by Malaysian directors Quek Shio-chuan and Ho Yu-hang and was based on a Malaysian novel from the same era by Malaysian writer Yangsze Choo.

The six-episode series earned a 6/10 rating on IMDb.

Before the aspirant walks the red carpet, there will be a lot of work to do, starting with the first year of graduation.

Professor Assoc Lee said that in the first year of the degree, students learn all the ropes of pre-production, from planning to conceptualizing, from scriptwriting to filming and editing.

“There are also the vital elements of visual effects, animation and CGI (computer-generated imagery),” he added.

In the second year, students embark on their first production effort.

“They will be given the script to produce and yes they can adapt the scripts and put their own spin on it or add their own identity or style to the finish of the video,” he said.

In their final year, students hone their craft by filming their own stories to graduate.

Professor Assoc Lee pointed out that UOW Malaysia KDU’s Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Digital Media Production takes students deep into the practice and technical aspects of said production.

It differs fundamentally from conventional film and film courses which are grounded in communication courses and the history, theories and business aspects of the field.

Students will learn to apply cinematic methodologies for modern consumption.

“Our program is designed for you to be successful in producing, directing and marketing a portfolio of digital video content in any consumable medium,” said Professor Assoc Lee.

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