Realme GT Neo 2 camera review, decent enough?


The category of high-end mid-range smartphones is exploding in terms of performance and camera. Realme GT Neo 2, the Snapdragon 870 powered phone also entered the lineup to deliver power and performance. Well, the SD 870 is without a doubt the best chipset for this segment, but what about this phone’s camera? Today we are here to provide the camera test of Realme GT Neo 2.

Realme GT Neo 2 main camera sensor samples

The main sensor here is a Sony IMX682 64MP shooter with an f / 1.8 aperture. There is no OIS. The default 16 MP shots are above average, if not the best. Colors are punchy with an extra boost from the AI ​​engine. For the day, the pictures are great, but the color accuracy can be hit or miss. Specifically, HDR adds more colors, which makes it look less natural. On top of that, the dynamic range is decent. 2X and 5X zooms are available on the Realme Camera app. Photos with 2X zoom are nice while on 5X zoom unnatural color appears.

16 MP shot by GT Neo 2
Normal 16MP shots by Realme GT Neo 2
16MP shooting
Realme GT Neo 2 16MP Shooting
Realme GT Neo 2 shot 2X
2X Zoom by Realme GT Neo 2
Zoom 5X Realme GT Neo 2
5X Zoom by Realme GT Neo 2

Realme GT Neo 2 64MP camera samples

The 64 MP shots are nice to watch with some additional detail and composition. The higher resolution also helps capture colors well. However, the clarity is similar to that of regular 16-megapixel shots. The difference between them, however, is not drastic.

Realme GT Neo 2 64MP Shooting
64MP sample shooting

Ultra-wide shots of Realme GT Neo 2

The 8MP ultra-wide sensor does its job like other 8MP sensors in this price segment. During the day, the images are quite beautiful. The 119 ° FOV makes the images wide. The dynamic range, however, is not consistent. The bright part of the frame is often very exposed. The saturation is strong. For daylight, the 8MP sensor does its job well.

Ultra-wide shot of the Realme GT Neo 2 camera
Ultra-wide shot of Nepal’s tallest temple, Nyatapola by Realme GT Neo 2
Realme GT neo 2 ultra-wide photo
Ultra-wide shot from Guru Rimpoche to Boudha by Realme GT Neo 2

Portrait samples

Realme got strong with his AI for portraits. The GT Neo 2 also follows the pattern and relies on AI to separate the subjects from the background. As a result, the bokeh looks powerful and can be set manually according to user preference. The AI ​​game is quite powerful and it can capture amazing portraits of non-human subjects as well.

Realme GT neo 2 portrait
Portrait by Realme GT Neo 2
Portrait by Realme GT Neo 2
Portrait of a recycling seller by Realme GT Neo 2
Portrait of a mystical lion statue by Realme GT Neo 2
Realme GT neo 2 Portrait Photo
The portrait of a little boy captured by Realme GT Neo 2
Realme GT Neo 2 camera review
Portrait of a Buddhist sculpture “Chibha” in Boudha by Realme GT Neo 2

Macro camera

2MP macro cameras have become obsolete and practically unnecessary these days. The same is true here with the 2MP macro camera of the GT Neo 2. The images are not at all attractive. The macro sensor has trouble focusing and it takes longer to get a nice shot. We can’t get too close to the subject either.

Realme GT Neo 2 Macro
Macro shooting by Realme GT Neo 2
Realme GT Neo 2 camera example
Macro shooting by Realme GT Neo 2

Front camera

The 16MP shooter selfies are of average quality. Skin tones are pale and soft. With degrading light, he suffers from taking a beautiful image. I guess the fault lies with its narrow f / 2.5 aperture. Even during video calls on Messenger and WhatsApp, the picture looks poor quality. For selfies, the AI ​​engine does its job. It also offers more embellishment options to manipulate.

Realme GT Neo 2 front camera
Front camera photo by Realme GT Neo 2
Realme GT neo 2 front Portrait
Front camera portrait mode on Realme GT Neo 2

Low light shots

The phone consists of a night mode to compensate for darker scenarios. Low light mode captures decent images with nice detail. The dynamic range is correct, and the color accuracy is also close to nature. GT Neo 2’s dedicated night mode is aggressive with its AI engine. There is also a pro night mode where you can manually configure ISO, shutter speed, white balance, etc.

Realme GT Neo 2 camera in low light mode
Low light mode on Realme GT Neo 2
Realme GT Neo 2 Night Shot
Night shot of Realme Neo GT 2

Videos of Realme GT Neo 2

For the video section, Realme has stepped up its game with support up to 4K 60fps, portrait video mode, stable and ultra stable mode. 4K videos deliver vibrant color, beautiful detail, and contrast. However, shooting in 4K at 60 fps doesn’t look so stable. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated EIS option for 4K videos. Only the main camera can shoot in 4k while the ultra-wide sensor is limited to capturing Full HD 1080p videos only.

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When stable mode is activated, videos are automatically capped at 1080p 60fps. Stabilization is stable during walking. Running and jerking will affect stability, however. Ultra stable mode allows video to peak at 1080p 30fps. Here the stabilization becomes even stronger. Cinematic shots can be taken with this phone if used properly. From the front camera, you can shoot up to 1080p 30fps. Video quality is just “ok” with medium dynamic range and color contrast.

Portrait video mode

This is the most exciting part of the potential of the Realme GT Neo 2 camera. The AI ​​game is more powerful in reproducing DSLR type portrait videos of human subjects. The bokeh can also be adjusted manually. Edge detection isn’t perfect, but it still does its job. The separation of foreground and background for videos is taken to the next level for content creators. Portrait videos can be taken from primary and ultra-wide sensors. Even the 2X zoom uses this and works like a charm. While the 5X zoom just cannot match the details of the 2X zoom sample. The front camera also supports portrait videos and does a decent job of it as well. This makes the Realme GT Neo 2 a vlogging beast.

Other features include dual video mode where both front and rear cameras can be used at the same time. Similarly, we can also do timelapse, slow motion videos, etc. However, there is no slow motion option at 960 fps. There is a dedicated video mode with an aspect ratio of 16: 9. It also allows manual control of white balance, autofocus, ISO, EV, shutter speed, etc. The stabilization is however not very good with the video mode.

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Final verdict for the Realme GT Neo 2 camera

The SD870 powerhouse, Realme GT Neo 2, offers a lot for the price. Camera setup is basic with triple cameras. The main camera captures above-average images in daylight. The only downside here is the unnatural color reproduction and the aggressive HDR and AI boost. I wish the ultra wide was of a higher resolution. Although it’s an 8MP, the 119 ° FOV makes it cool. Only the dynamic range is random with high exposure on bright sections. The Macro sensor performs poorly and requires multiple times to capture a nice photo. The portraits of the AI ​​engine are commendable. Likewise, low light images are also pleasing to the eye.

The front camera is, however, below par due to its f / 2.5 aperture. The low light images from the selfie camera do not look appealing. While for the video section, the primary and ultra-wide do well in terms of stabilization in stable and ultra-stable mode. But remember, ultrawide cannot shoot at 4k resolution. The gold feature goes to portrait videos. This makes it a must have device for vloggers.

So I found the cameras to be very good for videos and low light images. Daytime shots are also above average. The downsides to mention are unnatural color reproduction with more amplified colors, poor macro camera, and fluctuating dynamic range for the ultra-wide camera. Do you own this device? What do you think of his camera? Write your thoughts below.

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