‘phd Holder’ deceives the public with job offers and coaching | Bangalore News

BENGALURU: A 53-year-old man was arrested for having deceived several people under the pretext of finding them a job, and students by promising to organize online coaching.
Vikram Hosamani, a resident of Konanakunte, said he completed II PU but falsely claimed to have done BE and MTech from IIT-Kanpur and PhD from IISc, Bengaluru.
The police received information about Vikram’s presence at a hotel on Konanakunte’s main road on the evening of April 19. A team of plainclothes men led by Inspector Rahim rushed to the scene and Rahim engaged him in a casual conversation. The man claimed to have high level connections and gave Rahim a business card, which identified him as “Dr Vikram Hosamani, BE, MTech (IIT KPR), PhD (IISc Bangalore)”.
Rahim immediately revealed his true identity and searched Vikram’s belongings in the presence of five witnesses. Police found several PAN cards and two voter ID cards bearing different names but with the suspect’s photo. They seized all the documents, including fake identity cards in the name of several private companies.
A preliminary investigation revealed that Vikram projected himself as the owner of several businesses, including an IT company. He posted online advertisements about offering coaching for various entrance tests. Many students are said to have lost money when they signed up for coaching. He also deceived the government by falsifying PAN and voter identification documents.
Konanakunte Police filed a case under Articles 9 (deception by impersonation), 420 (deception), 465 (false), 471 (use of false document as genuine) and 468 (false for the purpose of cheating) of the CPI.

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