NiSi V7 Filter Holder – Camera Jabber


Getting started with the NiSi V7 filter holder is quick and easy with the system consisting of three main parts, the front holder, the CPL filter insert and the adapter.

Mounting the system to a Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 like I have in this review is simple as the adapter attaches directly with the 82mm thread, for smaller diameter lenses a ring reduction is required. NiSi has supplied three rings of 67, 72 and 77mm, but if you want to reduce the size there are many third party reducer rings available.

82mm is the maximum diameter for this portafilter as standard, but NiSi also offers an 86 and 95mm adaptor.

If you are using step-down rings it should be noted that you should only tighten the rings and adapter lightly and be careful not to over tighten as they can be difficult to remove if you do.

With the adapter in place, you can then attach the powerline. Here, all you have to do is line up the marks, hold the powerline spinning wheels on the side of the adapter to keep things from spinning, and rotate the powerline into place. If you want to remove the CPL, hold the rotation wheels of the filter and turn in the opposite direction to remove it. I found it easier to release the CPL once the adapter ring was removed from the lens.

Now the bracket snaps together; on the side there is a small locking mechanism, if this is undone, the peg is pulled out, the small brass disc is removed so that the holder can be connected to the adapter. In place, the locking mechanism can be tightened to secure the bracket in place.

When it comes to adjusting the effect of the CPL, the two small dials on the side of the lens adapter can be used to rotate the filter.

In this test, I found the filter effect to be subtle but effective. The TrueColor effect of the filter was certainly true and I am impressed with the lack of color cast and influence in the images.

When it comes to inserting filters, the plastic holder provides good resistance when sliding the filters. There is no worry of a filter falling through, likewise the amount of resistance is good meaning insertion and removal is not a problem. battle.


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