LHC judge warns PTI lawyer against anti-judicial vlogging on social media


A greater bench in the Lahore High Court yesterday issued a stern warning to a PTI lawyer against anti-judicial vlogging on social media. Judge Sadaqat Ali Khan led the larger bench and cautioned lawyer Azhar Siddique, who represented the PTI on appeal. The judge noted,

It is better that you quit vlogging because it is not suitable for a lawyer.

LHC judge warns PTI lawyer against anti-judicial vlogging on social media

Other members of the five-member bench included Justice Shahid Jamil Khan, Justice Shehram Sarwar Chaudhry, Justice Sajid Mahmood Sethi and Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh.

Punjab Attorney General Ahmad Awais was also present in court. Judge Sadaqat Khan noted at the opening of the hearing that several lawyers had posted vlogs criticizing judges and the justice system. ” I’m sick of it. While providing clarification to the attorney, the judge said:

Enough is enough. Personal attacks on judges would no longer be tolerated.

In addition, the court ordered an authority to monitor social media and take action against violators. He threatened to revoke a lawyer’s license if he was found to be waging a smear campaign against the judiciary. AGP was also asked by Judge Shahid Jamil Khan to explain to all parties concerned the importance of being careful with judges and courts.

Technical flaws in PTI’s appeals were detected by the court and the lawyer was ordered to correct them. The court said it had the option of dismissing the appeals on technical grounds, but chose to focus on the merits of the case. There was an apparent constitutional crisis in the country, according to the court, and it would be resolved.

The hearing was extended until May 17 and a new notice was given to Chief Minister Hamza because no one on his behalf appeared in court. Prior to being appointed Attorney General of Pakistan, Attorney Ashtar Ausaf represented Hamza before the Single Benches. There were three judgments on which the PTI disagreed, regarding the swearing in of CM Hamza Shahbaz.

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