Launching the world’s first versatile Double Hold strap phone holder on Kickstarter


Securely holds phones, carries them multiple ways, and makes them easy to use on the go, hands-free

May 11, 2022 – The Dual-Hold Versatile Strap Phone Holder was just funded with Kickstarter. The newly launched product is a new strap phone holder and stand that adds versatility with convenience. It works with an adjustable magnet that firmly secures the phone but allows the user to hold it in two vertical positions and one horizontal position. The user can also adjust the screws to determine how far the mount opens the angle to allow the phone to be used while attached to a strap and attached to the mount.

The days of holding the phone dangling from your belt are back, but with a very modern twist. The holder has a loose-leaf structure that allows the user to wear the phone securely hanging from their belt while always ready to be reached and used while still attached to the belt.

Double Hold can also be carried with its straps as if it were a shoulder bag or a backpack. This way, if the user is traveling and on the go, the phone can be transported in the easiest way possible. Its chest strap feature also allows users to keep their phone held and usable hands-free from a POV perspective. The user can film while walking or cooking, or taking calls while doing household chores.

The now launched phone holder has a structure with square holes to allow the flashlight to be used and light the way without touching the phone, and also to keep a clear view of what lies ahead, allowing the user to film without touching the camera. The device also functions as a conventional desktop stand, for the convenience of the user, allowing the phone to be held stable in a horizontal or vertical position.

The original flip-hinge design of the phone holder also means that the user can open the case seamlessly and take a call as soon as the phone rings. For those who want to use it on the go, while traveling, there’s always a credit card slot which is perfect for also keeping ID on hand when needed.

Concerned about the durability of the device, the creators of Double Hold have made it with high quality first layer cowhide leather to make the frame structure sturdy and durable. This is the phone holder people will use for years.

The Double Hold Versatile Strap Phone Holder campaign on Kickstarter is seeking to fund large-scale production of the case. Backers who support the campaign get early and discounted access to the device.

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