Kandao QooCam EGO is the 3D camera and VR headset combo for the Metaverse


Kandao is a pioneering company mainly focused on the field of VR technology and conference room webcams. But it has just announced the QooCam EGO – which might be its most futuristic and popular product yet.

This tiny 3D camera is a VR alternative that will allow users to instantly capture, view, edit and share captured 3D content. Excitingly, this device will be the first of its kind and Kandao is offering an exclusive discount to those who sign up for its crowdfunding campaign.

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The first-ever in-viewer 3D camera, the QooCam EGO allows users to relive every moment as if for the first time, through an incredibly immersive instant experience combining VR technology with photography. The camera features a 3D viewer of up to 37 pixels per degree (PPD), twice that of existing VR headsets, promoting a smooth and clear viewing experience in ultra-realistic 3D.

The device will soon be launching on Kickstarter, February 08 to be exact, and with the previous campaign reaching $1 million, the company is confident that its QooCam EGO, as a breakthrough product, will do much better.

Unlike other cameras that use methods to split an image into two to render a fake 3D effect, the QooCam EGO has two individual lenses, to achieve true authentic stereo 3D.

(Image credit: Kandao)

The 3D camera uses this stereo 3D technology to mimic the distance between human eyes, combined with a detachable magnetic 3D viewer that allows consumers to view their 3D content instantly. The QooCam EGO can record dual 1920 x 1080p video at 60 fps, delivering ultra-smooth 3D playback by mimicking the focal effect of human eyes to deliver incredible depth and realism.

Small enough to fit in a pocket and weighing only 160g, the QooCam EGO is one of the smallest 3D cameras available, with the advantage of its removable and portable viewer.

This device will travel with ease, making it perfect for any adventure or vacation, plus convenient cloud storage, so forgetting the SD card won’t ruin your trip. A powerful companion app enables smart editing of your captures and unique 3D effect templates can be applied to captures to create content that can be instantly shared with friends and family using seamless connection via Wi-Fi capabilities integrated camera and controlled parameters. thanks to its 2.54″ touch screen.

(Image credit: Kandao)

QooCam EGO will not require storage and post-processing systems in the same way as other 3D systems. Instead, the innovative detachable Magnetic 3D Viewer immerses users in the scene when viewed on the Full HD screen.

Kandao’s CEO shared that “Our mission is to enable photographers and content creators to present their work in the most vivid way possible. QooCam EGO opens up a new dimension in visual storytelling. 3D is the most cool to vlog, allowing you to immerse your audience in captivating stories.With smart editing and unique 3D effects, our app unleashes your creativity even more.

All images and videos captured using the camera can be recorded from a first-person perspective, making this device ideal for vloggers. This headset-free VR alternative records footage compatible with YouTube and most major 3D TVs and headsets, meaning subscribers can also enjoy your 3D content while downloading. The applications of 3D filming and photography are limitless, ever wanted to see an interaction with your pet recorded in 3D? Now you can!

(Image credit: Kandao)

Kandao says it will continue to develop distinguished software and hardware, similar to integrating the Snap-View-Edit-Share features that make the QooCam EGO an impressive portable and affordable alternative to a VR headset, which can be used to create your own eye – Capture social content instead of watching other channels.

Special pricing and incentives are being offered to early adopters of this product ahead of its launch. The MSRP price will be $369 (approx £273 / AU$515), while super early bird prices for those who sign up will be $269 (approx £199 / AU$375.80) with free shipping.

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