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The Joby Wavo Lav PRO is part of JOBY’s recently released suite of sound recording equipment. You can plug it directly into a DSLR’s mic port and instantly improve the quality of sound it captures, although that won’t work if you plug it directly into a smartphone’s headphone jack.

Although the Wavo Lav PRO can be used on its own to capture the sound of ‘talking head’ interviews, it will also work in conjunction with other audio products newly launched in the Wavo range.

For example, the Joby Wavo AIR is a wireless Bluetooth set with two micro transmitters and a receiver. Although the Wavo AIR comes with its own lavalier mic, this version is considerably larger than the ultra small capsule of the Wavo Lav PRO (which is only 5mm in diameter). As a result, the Wavo Lav PRO is easier to conceal on your interviewer, making it more suitable for drama and documentary productions.

If you have both the Wavo LAV Pro kit and the Wavo AIR kit, you can plug a lavalier microphone into both transmitters and capture audio wirelessly through the receiver connected to a recording device such as a smartphone. Here is the setup we used to record the audio for our test video below:


Capsule diameter: 5mm
Frequency range: 20Hz – 20kHz
Polar diagram: Omni directional
Sensitivity: -45dB +3dBB
Cable length: 2.5m, diameter 1.4mm
Weight: 17g
Connector: 3.5mm jack

Main characteristics

The Wavo Lav PRO’s 5mm diameter microphone clips discreetly onto your subject. Its omnidirectional polar pattern picks up their sound. (Image credit: George Cairns)

You can clip the ultra-small Wavo Lav PRO lavalier microphone to your shirt or lapel with a small alligator clip and plug its 3.5mm jack directly into a camera (such as a DSLR), providing a full natural sound with low ambient noise.

The Lav PRO sports a small removable foam shield to reduce wind noise when shooting outdoors. Due to its 3.5mm jack, the Wavo Lav PRO is compatible with another recently released Joby mic – the Joby Wavo PRO shotgun mic. Which attaches to a DSLR or compact camera via a shoe mount.

Here we compare the Wavo Lav PRO (left) with the larger lavalier mic that comes with the JOBY Wavo AIR kit. (Image credit: George Cairns)

The problem with an in-camera shotgun mic is that it can end up being too far away from the interviewee, resulting in poor sound quality. You can plug the Wavo Lav PRO into the additional external mic socket of the Wavo PRO and then attach the lavalier mic to the interviewee for a much better and more intimate sound.

The Wavo Lav PRO features 2.5 meters of super thin (1.4mm) cable, allowing you to record from a distance from your subject while hearing them clearly. The sound from the remote shotgun mic and the close-up audio from the Wavo Lav PRO are recorded on separate channels so you can choose the best audio track in the editing suite (which in most cases will be the sound of the nearest Wavo Lav PRO).

The Lav PRO also comes with a small leather drawstring bag to keep it safe and snag free from other items in your kit bag.


For our test video, we recorded audio from the Wavo Lav PRO on an iPhone 13 Pro Max via the Bluetooth receiver that comes with the Wavo AIR kit. (Image credit: George Cairns)

We compared the Wavo Lav PRO with the lavalier microphone supplied with the JOBY Wavo AIR. The AIR’s lavalier is noticeably larger and more difficult to conceal when attached to the subject. The AIR lavalier’s cable is also much shorter than the Lav PRO’s 2.5 meter cable, but that’s to be expected as it only needs to plug into a transmitter attached to the subject’s belt. The Wavo Lav PRO is designed to be wired between the subject and a camera, so it must have a much longer cable.

When it comes to comparing the sound quality of the two lapel mics, we found that they sound very similar. The larger lavalier in the Wavo AIR kit sounds slightly crisper than the Lav PRO, which gave it more distinct “s” sounds compared to the slightly less crisp sibilants captured by the Wavo Lav PRO. The differences are very subtle, but check out our support video to compare the two mics for yourself.


You can plug the Wavo Lav PRO into the external microphone socket built into the Wavo PRO shotgun microphone. This extends the audio range of this device. (Image credit: George Cairns)

The wireless Wavo AIR’s bright red microphones (with their large fluffy windshields) are designed to grab attention on social media feeds, making them appealing to Vloggers and influencers. The Wavo Lav PRO is at the other end of the filmmaking spectrum. Due to its ultra small size, it is much more discreet and can easily be hidden from an interviewee so that we can focus on what they are saying rather than being distracted by flashy bits of audio kit on the go. screen.

This should make the Wavo Lav PRO appealing to filmmakers looking to take their audio production values ​​to the next level. It also increases the functionality of the JOBY Wavo AIR and JOBY Wavo PRO, making it a valuable addition to your audio kit bag.

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