If you don’t use a magnetic knife holder for your sharp tools, you are wrong


Storing your knives can be a hassle. If you keep them in a drawer, mixed with other utensils, they could wreak havoc on anyone who dares to rummage around for a spatula. You also risk dulling or chipping their blades. Yeah. It’s dangerous for you and your knives.

You can always use a knife block, but these can also be distressing. What could be more tedious than having to stick your paring knife into each. Single. hole before finding the little slot to which it belongs? So frustrating.

The best solution? Invest in a magnetic knife holder. It will display all your knives beautifully while keeping them safely out of the way. And whenever you need to chop onions or slice a potato, all your knives will be at your fingertips.

Our top picks

Are magnetic strips safe for knives?

The short answer is yes. A good magnetic knife holder will have a strong enough magnet to hold a blade without damaging it. And using this type of media is safer and more convenient than other storage options (as described above).

But they are still knives. If you are careless when attaching and removing a knife from a holder, you could injure yourself or damage the knife. Our Two Cents: Always exercise caution with knives, whether you’re chopping or sharpening and store them.

How we chose these products

We scoured the internet for the most popular magnetic knife holders and read reviews to find the best ones. We’ve included magnetic knife holders in different shapes, materials, and styles to suit every kitchen space. So the next time you’re about to hunt for a knife in a drawer, stop and check out these magnetic knife holders instead.


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