He is back! The Affinity photo editing suite is half price!


We just found out that the incredible 2020 offer on Affinity Photo and its sister software suite is about to reboot. During the early months of the pandemic, Serif, developers of the Affinity software suite, came up with an unprecedented plan to help support photographers, designers and other creatives during the coronavirus pandemic. This halved the cost of each program. This reduced the price from a very affordable $50 to an almost free $25.

There were over 250,000 downloads of the 90 day free trial during the three month period of this amazing promotion. And the good news is that the offer is back for 2022.

Affinity Photo is one of our favorite photo editors…and for good reason. It is a very powerful image editing program, but the price is really affordable compared to its competitors.

Through this program, photographers can get the program for just $25 / £23.99…unlike Photoshop CC (which is probably its biggest competitor), there’s no monthly fee to pay. The offer is available worldwide.

The offering is available across the entire Affinity line…which will be especially tempting if you’re looking for an affordable, pro-spec graphics or DTP program. Affinity Designer was the first of this powerful suite of programs, and after more than five years of refinement, it offers an excellent alternative to Adobe Illustrator. New Affinity Editormeanwhile, can be considered a serious alternative to programs like Adobe InDesign… but at a much, much more affordable price for the home or small office.

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