Former 40-yard sprint record holder chimes in on Tyquan Thompson breaking his record


The 40-yard dash is one of the most anticipated events in the NFL Draft Combine. Speed ​​kills and the NFL is no different, especially in this age of pass-heavy offenses. That’s why every GM’s eyes are on the 40-yard sprint every year at the Combine. The speed was on point this year, especially among NFL Draft receiver prospects. However, one wide, Baylor’s Tyquan Thornton, stood out in the crowd. Thornton ran an unimaginable 4.21 sprint for 40 yards, breaking the previous record set by New York Giants wide John Ross. Thornton’s impressive speed drew a lot of reactions in the sports world, including from Ross, who reacted to Thornton’s record on Twitter.

Ross had a one-word reaction: Blazer. That’s exactly what Tyquan Thornton is, because he was by far the the fastest wide in an NFL Draft Combine full of speedsters. Thornton averaged over 15 yards per reception while scoring 10 touchdowns for the Bears last year. That 40-yard running speed is enough to make others jealous, but don’t expect that reaction from Giants John Ross.

The Giants wide receiver said people were crazy to think he would be mad at the NFL Draft prospect for breaking his 40-yard dash record. On the contrary, Ross said he was happy for Thornton.

And also impressed.

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