Elly Awesome tests the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: screen, camera and battery


This new Samsung phone was designed with the Samsung obsessives in mind – with all of the brand’s most popular features rolled into one.

Samsung has launched an updated “Fan Edition” (FE) phone – the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. The phone has some fan-favorite features of Samsung’s high-end phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21, all for less than $1,000. Let’s see if it’s worth buying.

Display and Specifications

The latest FE comes with a 6.4-inch FHD AMOLED display, with 120Hz refresh rate, Snapdragon 888 processor and the latest operating system, Android 12.

The screen is completely flat, no obscure curves, just thin bezels around the edges, a punch-hole selfie camera at the top and an under-display fingerprint reader at the bottom of the screen.

It features the signature S21 design, although instead of glass or metal it has a smooth matte plastic back – but I actually prefer that for durability reasons.

It comes in Olive, Lavender, White or Graphite color options and overall the device is thin and light, if a bit slippery, but otherwise comfortable to hold and carry.


The phone is well equipped with cameras. The front selfie camera is a solid 32-megapixel and the back has three different cameras – a 12-megapixel ultra-wide, a 12-megapixel wide-angle and an 8-megapixel telephoto. This is a great combination of camera options that delivers high quality front and rear shots that are perfect for all types of mobile users.

The phone also includes a feature I like called “dual recording” which lets you record from the front and rear camera simultaneously. Great for vlogging or capturing family memories.

Battery life

A solid 4500mAh battery is built in, which is surprisingly larger than Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S21 (at 4000mAh) and even rivals the battery capacities of similarly priced phones from many other brands.

That doesn’t always mean better battery life. But through my testing, I found the battery to be able to keep up with a solid day of use that included short phone calls, lots of emails, social media, watching videos, and playing games.

The phone also has 25W fast charging if you need a bit more than the advertised “all-day battery life”.

Should I buy it?

Overall, this phone is great for the price, at $999 for the base model with 128GB of onboard storage.

Although if your budget isn’t holding you back, it might make more sense to pick up the more premium Samsung Galaxy S21 for a few hundred bucks extra – or better yet, wait until Samsung launches its next flagship phone ( which is rumored to arrive in the coming months).

However, if you’re only in the market for something mid-priced and looking for a new phone now, I suggest you buy it from Samsung’s website and take advantage of their free Galaxy Buds2 offer ( expiring January 30). ) as the Buds2 themselves are priced at around $200.

Elly Awesome is an Australian tech and lifestyle vlogger | @ellyawwesome | Youtube

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