Core SWX’s new Powerbase Edge Link can power your mirrorless camera for over 12 hours


Core SWX has updated its Powerbase range, which originally launched in 2019, with two new batteries. There’s the PB Edge Link, a 70Wh V-mount battery pack that sports a 7.4V output port for your DSLR or mirrorless camera, as well as 5V Type-A and Type-A USB ports. C and two 14.8V d-tap ports. According to Core SWX, this battery is capable of powering a Sony A7 series camera for more than 12 hours.

The other is the new PB Edge Lite, a 47Wh battery that’s primarily designed to live under your camera and offers just over 8 hours of use on a Sony A7-series camera. Like the PB Edge Link, there are two 14.8V d-tap sockets, a 7.4V port for your camera, but no USB-PD. Instead, you get a pair of USB Type-C sockets capable of delivering 5v. It is very similar to the original PB Edge base, but without V-mount connectivity.

The Powerbase Edge Link is a 70 Wh V-Mount battery that allows for a maximum continuous draw of 8 Amps. Multiple PB Edge Link batteries can, as the name suggests, be linked in parallel to double or triple your overall capacity and provide longer run times without having to swap them out. That being said, a single battery alone will power a Sony A7 series camera for over 12 hours without any accessories. Of course, this goes down once you add things like field monitor recorder, audio recorder, etc.

And for connecting other things, you get two d-tap outputs, a USB Type-A 5v output and a USB-PD Type-C output that supports between 5-20v, allowing you to quickly charge or power devices that can use the higher voltages offered by USB-PD. Four 1/4-20″ female threads are provided for multiple mounting options and there is a mounting plate on top that you can use to attach your camera.

The Core SWX Powerbase Edge Link is available for pre-order now for $279 and will ship soon.

The Powerbase Edge Lite is a slightly smaller 47Wh battery based on the original Powerbase Edge Base, but without the ability to use it as a V-mount battery. In addition to the lack of the option of v-mount, there’s also no USB Type-C power delivery with the Lite. Instead, you get a pair of USB Type-A sockets capable of delivering five amps. You also get that 7.4v output to power your camera as well as a few 14.8v d-tap sockets.

You might notice there’s also no fancy LCD display on the Edge Lite like there is with the Edge Link, but you do get four LEDs to indicate charging status. But, you should get at least 8 hours of it, according to Core SWX, with a Sony A7-series camera. Again, once you start adding more accessories to the mix, this duration will decrease.

The Core SWX Powerbase Edge Lite is available for pre-order now for $149 and will start shipping in mid-May.


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