Canon is planning an ultra-high resolution mirrorless camera


The Canon 5DS and 5DS R were notable for offering 50-megapixel sensors at a time when that was extremely high resolution for a full-frame camera. 45-50 megapixels are much more common on high-end camera bodies these days, with full frame options reaching 61 megapixels. However, it looks like Canon is planning to eclipse that number significantly with a new camera.

Canon Rumors reports that Canon has planned a 75-megapixel RF-mount mirrorless camera. There have long been rumors that such a camera is in the works, and I’d be very surprised if a model similar to the 5DS R didn’t appear, perhaps an EOS R5S.

Canon’s RF lenses generally deliver very impressive performance, and most of them could handle an increase in resolution just fine, and taking back the resolution crown from the Sony a7R IV would give Canon some nice bragging rights. Considering the EOS R5 really is the do-it-all camera in the RF range, I’m sure a more specialized body for things like landscapes and studio work has been on the cards for a long time, although I’m sure a lot of resources are currently dedicated to the next flagship EOS R1. Hopefully we will know more soon!


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