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Funny! Canon has announced that it is the number one maker of mirrorless/full-frame/cameras in 2021. However, Sony just announced the same a week ago. Canon and Sony base their findings on the same research company (NPD). So which is the right one?

Sony vs. Canon

Canon tweeted that, according to NPD (National Purchase Diary Panel Inc.), it was the industry’s #1 overall position in 2021. As noted: “Thank you Canon customers! You have helped us maintain our overall #1 position in the digital camera industry in 2021.” Additionally, Canon released a photo showing the highlights of the findings (see below). Canon said that in 2021 it was:

Canon slide.  According to the NDP
Canon slide. According to the NDP. Photo: Canon

This data comes from the NPD, which is the source for retail industry reports and analysis (almost all consumer electronics market data comes from the NPD). However, Sony claims almost the same achievements, which are also based on the same data source.

Last week we reported that Sony announcement that it was the No. 1 mirrorless camera brand and the No. 1 full-frame mirrorless camera brand in 2021. Sony added that last year also marks the 8th consecutive year that Sony has held the No. place full-frame mirrorless cameras. Sony also based these conclusions on the same NPD reports. This is the main resource: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service, USA, Detachable Lens Camera, Sensor Size: Full Frame, Detachable Lens Mirrorless, 2021 Annual. Sony stated that there are footnote references to “Sony Internal Research” and these always refer to NPD data. However, Sony Internal Research refers to analysts who compile, organize and verify NPD data.

Slide from Sony.  According to the NDP
Slide from Sony. According to the NDP. Photo: Sony

Well, that depends on who you ask. Both manufacturers dominate the camera market, there is no doubt. However, there is only one that is number one. Which do you think it is?

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