Can the new OM System OM-1 mirrorless camera keep up with the Canon EOS R3?


The OM OM-1 system is here, and with its impressive upgrades and new capabilities, it challenges the paradigm of full-frame or even APS-C cameras that rule the sports genre, at least on paper. Can it really keep up with top pro cameras, though? This excellent video review pits the OM-1 against the highly respected Canon EOS R3 to find out.

Coming from DPReview TV, this excellent video comparison takes a look at the new OM System OM-1 mirrorless camera and the Canon EOS R3 in a tough floor hockey environment. Shooting continuously at 50fps while using full tracking autofocus or 120fps with locked autofocus, the OM-1 looks like a potentially fantastic option for sports or wildlife photographers, but of course having speeds Insane bursts don’t mean much if the autofocus can’t keep up or the image quality isn’t there. And wildlife and sports photographers will always be concerned about image quality, especially at high ISOs, as their need for fast shutter speeds in low light often requires particularly high ISOs. Overall, however, the OM-1 looks pretty impressive, and it’s possibly one of the best cameras for the price available right now. Watch the video above for a full look at both cameras.


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