Benro TablePod Flex Kit Review


If you’re looking for a tabletop tripod that offers the sturdiness of a tripod with rigid legs but the versatility of a tripod with flexible legs, the Benro TablePod Flex Kit is perfect. This versatile and compact tripod features carbon fiber legs that store flexible rubber feet inside for those times when you need to secure your camera to a branch, pole or other tube-like surface .

It comes with an arca-swiss style ball head so you can easily aim your camera in the right position and you can quickly switch between portrait and landscape modes. Like the Benro KoalaPod (opens in a new tab)it comes with an auxiliary lock ring to prevent the legs from coming loose, a quick lock clamp and a cell phone adapter holder.

Benro Tablepod Flex Kit

(Image credit: Hannah Rooke)

Benro TablePod Flex Kit: Specifications

lester: 0.43kg
Spirit level: Nope
Center column: Nope
Converts to monopod:NOT
Shoe size: 21mm
foot type: Rubber foot
head support: 3/8″
head type: Spherical head
Independent leg spread: Nope
Leg sections: 1
leg type: Round
QR plate – 5 x 3.8cm

Benro Tablepod Flex Kit

I attached the flexible legs to the drainpipe using a bracket which you can’t see in the picture, but without it it wouldn’t have been so secure. (Image credit: Hannah Rooke)

Benro TablePod Flex Kit: Features

One of the things I hate about tripods with flexible legs is that if you want to use it like a “normal” tripod, they just aren’t as good. This is where the Benro TablePod Flex really shines. It comes with rigid carbon fiber legs, but hidden inside are three flexible legs that not only extend the length of the tripod legs, but also make it easier to attach to other surfaces.

Given the compact size of the tripod, if you choose to use it with both the flexible legs and the rigid legs, the tripod measures an impressive 42cm. The rubber feet can be attached to the bottom of the carbon fiber legs with a 1/4 inch screw allowing you to wrap them around even more surfaces that may have difficult grips to reach.

I tested the TablePod with my iPhone 11 and my Sony A7 III (opens in a new tab) and Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8 (opens in a new tab) but while both cameras look sturdy, I’d still be a bit cautious about securing my pro camera to the tripod when it’s in a wraparound setup quite far off the ground.

Benro Tablepod Flex Kit

(Image credit: Hannah Rooke)

Benro TablePod Flex Kit: Performance

The Benro Travepod Flex Kit is ideal for travel and ideal for on-the-go content creation as it is very light, folds up small and can easily fit into a backpack or even a tote bag. The ball joint and arca-swiss plate lock together very tightly so everything feels secure and you can adjust the tilt of the ball joint as well as the swivel. Quite handy, the ball joint also displays numbers depending on the angle you need it at, so if you want a right angle, you can line it up perfectly at 90°.

I found it sturdier using it only with the three rigid carbon fiber legs, but the flexible lens makes it really versatile. The only downside is that they’re quite short, so it’s quite difficult to secure it around something much thicker than 4 or 5cm as you can’t wrap the flexible legs around it enough. However, by using the rigid legs, you can stretch how far the flexible legs can reach, which can help create unique setups and allow you to shoot in the most unlikely setups.

The arca swiss plate is really easy to put on and take off, you can either attach your camera directly to the quick release plate or attach the phone holder if you use your smartphone to take photos.

Benro Tablepod Flex Kit

(Image credit: Hannah Rooke)

Benro TablePod Flex Kit: construction and handling

The build quality of the Benro TablePod Flex Kit is very good. Everything seems well made, the legs and the ball head move very easily and small details such as the auxiliary locking ring and the quick locking clamp ensure that the legs do not move when using the tripod. Each tripod comes with an additional 1.4 inch female screw so that a flexible accessory arm can be attached if you wish to use the tripod with an LED panel or mic (although the arm will need to be purchased separately).

Unlike other flexible tripods, the rubber feet are really secure and when wrapped around different surfaces they really stay in place, especially when using the locking ring and locking clamp fast. You never have to worry about forgetting the flexible legs either as they’re stored inside – a feature I’ve never seen before but really come to love.

Everything fits in a small carrying case which comes with a carabiner so that if you don’t have enough room to store it in your backpack you can attach it outside as you would other larger tripods.

Benro Tablepod Flex Kit

(Image credit: Hannah Rooke)

Benro TablePod Flex Kit: Verdict

For a content creator who needs a lightweight kit that can be used anywhere, the Benro TablePod Flex Kit is perfect. It folds up very small and comes in a handy carry bag. It feels incredibly well built, and Benro has paid close attention to detail, like adding an extra 1.4-inch screw to each foot so you can attach an accessory arm to mount a mic or light. Each leg contains a hidden flex leg that screws onto a rubber foot so you can easily remove it from the carbon fiber leg without it getting stuck.

I also found the tripod very useful to use as a selfie stick if you put all the tripod legs together. You can either use it with the flexible legs extended or on its own.

It’s really only designed for shooting static scenes or stills, so if you’re a video content creator and can pan up and down or left and right, there’s probably something better out there. for you. But for someone recording vlogs, TikToks, interviews, or tutorial videos, it’s well equipped to shoot anywhere you need it.

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