Angel Locsin, Friends “Reacting to Roar” vlog

Angel Locsin with friends
Angelica Panganiban, Dimples Romana, Angel Locsin, Bea Alonzo and Anne Curtis in this photo shared by Dimples on February 28, 2022. (Photo by Instagram/dimplesromana)

CLAIM: Online messages claiming that Angel Locsin and other actresses have a “reaction video” on Toni GonzagueKaty Perry’s performance of a popular song at a campaign rally has been circulating online.

Toni, who quit as the main host of the reality show “Pinoy Big Brother”, played “Roarat campaign rallies for presidential hopeful Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s “UniTeam” alliance and vice president bet on Davao Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.

Toni’s performance on Mandaluyong’s campaign outing was captured in a video posted on YouTube on February 13. It sparked various reactions from netizens, with some criticizing the actress’ way of singing.

Some Filipino users online then used the photo recently uploaded by Angel and his famous friends, where they appear to be looking at something on a smartphone.

Netizens jokingly compared their reaction to Toni’s video with the pose of the celebrities in the photo.

(Screenshot by Interaksyon on Twitter)

Another Twitter user shared a supposed screenshot of a trending YouTube video with the caption “React to ‘ROAR!'”. He also used the photo of celebrities.

The tweet has garnered 13,400 likes, over 1,000 retweets and over 600 quote tweets so far.

(Screenshot by Interaksyon on Twitter)

“Due to strong public demand, here’s the link,” the netizen said in another post. Tweetergiving a link.

The link redirects to a request answered to the eFOI or Electronic Freedom of Information Portal, a platform for citizens to request information, records and documents from government agencies.

The title of the request was “Distribution or distribution of the 174 billion ill-gotten wealth recovered from Marcos”. He was sought from the Presidential Commission on Good Government in November 2021.

A Facebook user also shared the same content with the attached link.

(Screenshot by Facebook’s Interaksyon)

RATING: It’s satire.

FACTS: Searching for the title “Reacting to Roar” on YouTube does not show any clips of the celebrities. However, it gave the results of some vloggers’ reactions to Katy’s song.

There is also no reaction video from Angel, Bea Alonzo, Anne Curtis, Angelique Panganiban and Romana Dimples to the song, especially Toni’s interpretation.

(Screenshot by Interaksyon from YouTube)

Meanwhile, the photo of the actresses snuggling together was taken from Dimples’ Instagram posted on February 28.

One showed Angel holding a phone as if looking at something while the others watched. Everyone smiles too.

“Love and happiness. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my dearest friends so happy and beaming with so much beauty and love. God is good,” Dimples wrote in the caption, adding several heart emojis.

Reports say that Angel invited her famous friends to a reunion dinner at her house last Sunday.

In one instagram post, Angel posted a few moments from the reunion where she referenced the hit 1996 comedy “Do Re Mi.” It’s a film about a group of singers and their friendship.

“Reunion with my favorite girls! Catch, na-miss ko kayo, sobra!! Bea also said in a separate Instagram post.

why is it important

While the viral ‘reaction video’ tweet was not meant to be taken seriously, some online users questioned if it was real.

“Hoooy true ni? HAHAHA”, a twitter user said in response.

“HAHAHAHAHA SO LEGIT TO??? I’M WHISTLING!!” another one online user exclaimed.

Others also initially believed the satirical post to be true.

“NAUR THEY DID A REACTION VID NOOOO”, another online user exclaimed.


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