A new professional filter holder for Samsung S smartphones by Jose Antunes


The new professional camera lens filter for the Samsung Galaxy S22/S21 series allows you to use your 72mm filters with the company’s smartphones. The price of the accessory is still unknown.

Using external lenses and filters with smartphones is not an easy task, as different devices require different adapters and not all “one-size-fits-all” solutions are as universal as claimed. Most solutions rely on plastic snap-on adapters that tend to break with use, and metal solutions like the System-S reviewed here at PVC before aren’t compatible with all smartphones.

A new professional filter holder for Samsung S smartphones
A conventional plastic clip-on filter adapter for smartphones

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is an example of a smartphone that, due to its size, is difficult to use, with – some – clip-on adapters. Due to the design of the lens island, if you need to use the 3x telephoto lens, for example, the available clip-on adapters are not easy to place, especially if you use a protective case with your smartphone. Vignetting may occur and due to the pressure exerted by the plastic part on the screen, you may end up with ugly marks on the protective film layer or on the screen itself.

Companies like Moment offer lens and filter mount adapters that can be used, but they offer accessories primarily for iPhones, which means you’re out of luck if you’re an Android user. Well, things are about to change, at least for Samsung users who have S series smartphones. Samsung has quietly introduced a professional camera lens filter compatible with the Galaxy S22/S21 series , an accessory that will make the difference when it comes to using external filters… and lenses.

A new professional filter holder for Samsung S smartphonesAdapter for 72mm filters

The adapter – part number GP-XVU021SAQBW – was released with the Galaxy S22 series, and is a clear sign that Samsung understands the needs of photographers who want to be able to use external filters with the devices. Those using models like the S22 and S22+ – or the S21 versions – can also use the adapter to expand their coverage in terms of lenses… if they’re willing to try that route, but for owners of the S22 Ultra and the S21 Ultra, which already offer a versatile set of cameras – from 16mm to 230mm – being able to use external filters in a simple way is great news.

A new professional filter holder for Samsung S smartphones A new professional filter holder for Samsung S smartphones

While most of the clip-on adapters available are designed to work with small filters, with a diameter of 37mm, the Professional Camera Lens Filter is designed to accept filters of 72mm in diameter, which means that I can use most of my Breakthrough Photography and Manfrotto filters – CPLs, NDs and others – with the adapter, either directly or with a small riser adapter to use 77mm diameter filters with the 72mm thread on the accessory.

The advantages of this new accessory are clear: no need to move a plastic clip-on adapter from lens to lens to change focal length, a cumbersome operation that breaks any workflow, and all vignetting problems are solved. Additionally, the accessory, which is easy to put on and take off according to Samsung, comes with a built-in cold shoe and a tripod mounting hole, which means it can be mounted on a tripod, for more stability, and used to add external lights or a microphone. , if you are shooting video.

A new professional filter holder for Samsung S smartphonesSamsung, where can you buy this?

Samsung suggests two filters for use with its professional camera lens filter holder: a CPL, or circular polarizer, and an ND8, a neutral density filter that reduces light by about three stops. The good thing about the adapter is that you can use any filters you want. If you have a collection of filters like a variable ND filter or a 10-stop ND filter left out because there was no way to use them with your smartphone, things are about to change, so remove dust from your filters.

In addition to being able to use filters that you have probably acquired for their quality, you will have an accessory that allows you to easily change filters and also use the same filter with one of the four cameras of a Galaxy S22 Ultra without having to go through complex steps. and time-consuming operations: just change the lens you need and keep shooting. It’s even easier than on a classic camera!

A new professional filter holder for Samsung S smartphonesthe Professional camera lens filter The adapter even has its own cap, so you can protect the filter if you decide to move the camera/smartphone from place to place with the filter still attached. Although the accessory is larger than the plastic clip-on filter available so far, it’s still something you can carry – even in a large pocket – and the benefits it brings to any landscape or stream long exposure work are something you should consider. I know yes, and now I just need to know, from Samsung, the actual price of the adapter, and where can I buy it, things that are not mentioned on the Samsung website now .


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